Frequently Asked Questions

NatGAP Badges

Q:  Can I order single badges?

A:  The minimum a school may order is 5. Leftover ones may be kept and used for future years.


Q: I have put the wrong delivery address for the badges.

A: All orders are sent out with your school’s name and a return address. It is assumed that the badges will be passed on to the school. However, if they are returned to us, we will refund you minus any postage costs incurred, and you may reorder.


Q: How long does delivery of ordered badges take?

A: The maximum time it can take is 5 weeks, which is why we encourage you to order them at the beginning of your 6 week course. Usually it will be sooner.


Q: Can I track my badge order?

A: Unfortunately we do not offer delivery tracking at this time.


Q: I am having technical issues with the ordering process. What should I do?

A: Please contact us and we will get back to you to help resolve the issue.


Q: My badge order hasn’t arrived.

A: Delivery can take up to 5 weeks. If it has reached that deadline, please send an email to [email protected]. 


Q: I ordered the wrong badges by mistake, can I get an exchange?

A: Please send an email stating what you wish to do to [email protected]. We can replace badges in batches of 5. However you will be liable to postage costs for returns and replacements. 


Q: Can I get a refund for unused badges?

A: We advise you to order only what you need as we are unable to refund in these circumstances. However, leftover badges may be kept and awarded to future school years. 


Q: Do you ship the badges internationally? 

A: We can make arrangements with you for this. International postage costs will apply. Please contact us at [email protected] 


Q: Do you require proof that the required set of skills on a badge have been completed by the pupils?

A:  No. It is at the school’s discretion to complete the course and award the badges appropriately.


Q: Does the pupil have to be seen to be competent at each skill or requirement listed in order to receive a badge?

A:  Absolutely not! The badge awards are there to encourage and reward effort, and reflect what the pupils have learnt during the course in terms of physical literacy, rather than perfect physical execution.


Q: Do we need one login per teacher, or is it just one for the whole school?

A: It is a single login. Whoever signs up on the school’s behalf is responsible for sharing the login ID with appropriate staff.


Q: Once we have downloaded the programme, can we still access it at any time in the future on your website?

A: Yes. The programme you have purchased will be there for you to access at any time.


Q: I am having trouble logging in.

A:  Please contact us, and we will get back to you to help resolve this.


Q: We have a question concerning part of the actual content. Whom should we contact?

A: Please contact us with your question or query, and we will endeavour to answer it by return mail or phone call within 24 hours on weekdays. 


Q: I am having technical issues with completing sign up and / or  purchasing. What should I do?

A: Please contact us and we will get back to you to help resolve this.


Q: Having looked at the content, we feel it is not right for us. Can we get a refund?

A: We are sorry that you are not completely satisfied with the programme. While we cannot provide a refund for downloaded content, we are here to help you as much as we can to deliver the programme successfully. Please contact us with a little information with the issue you have, and one of our tutors will address it immediately.


Q: We are struggling with the content. Can we get in-school help?

A: We are here to help. Hopefully, it is an issue we can resolve with some remote guidance from our tutors.  If you decide that you would like to bring in a professional to deliver the course, you are free to do so, but it must be approved by NRG first to protect intellectual property. Please contact us and we will help you with the necessary steps.