Gymnastics Movement in PE

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We are pleased to offer primary schools this whole school programme for the delivery of gymnastic movement.
Specifically designed for teachers, to guide them through 6 weeks of lessons, each year contains everything needed to confidently and safely deliver basic gymnastics in PE,  exploring the fundamental elements of all sports movement :
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • (When appropriate) suggested apparatus set-up diagrams
  • A4 pictorial aids for use in lessons
  • Prompt Sheets to remind the teacher of the main teaching points for that week
  • Comprehensive teaching aids, accompanied by video aids, to ensure full understanding of technique and confident delivery.
Pupil assessment sheets allow teachers to track progress, with key physical and mental markers in line with AfPE’s ‘HEAD,HANDS,HEART’ initiative.

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Pupil Award Scheme

The NRG pupil award scheme is the perfect accompaniment to the Gymnastic Movement & Agility programme. Not only does it provide recognition of the pupils’ achievements, but also provides a palpable record of the progress being made in your PE programme.